About the Band

We founded the Get Back in 2017.
Some members with more then 30 years of experience on stage was on tour with rock legends like Nazareth, Slade, Uriah Heep, Eric Burdon-Animals, Chris Farlow-Coloseum, Smokie Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Scorpions, Sweet, ELO ....

Today, except of our own original music, we present the biggest rock hits from the 70's.

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The Band


Marko Kasman

Guitar / Lead vocals

If you combine experience and talent, you become a top guitarist.
With Gibson Les Paul, Brunetti amp, with image and virtuoso guitar playing he excites everyone.

Michel Potocnik


The youngest member of the band. He gathers experience on small clubs and big stages.
Combining Fender Telecater / Stratocaster with Marshal amp creates a specific sound of a group


Maximilian Jantscher

Lead Vocals

Top Lead vocal, moderator and frontman from Austria.
With many years of experience, he creates an unforgettable rock atmosphere.

Bojan Veliscek

Drums / Lead vocals

A great charmer with great musical experiences.
With a characteristic vocal, energy on drums and charm he ensures an excellent atmosphere between band and the audience.


Branko Potocnik

Bass / vocals

Founder, organizer and conceptual leader of the band.
With almost 40 years of experience, he successfully takes care of the development and future of the band.


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